Roberta Jansen: Member #4

Roberta’s Goal: To lose 50 lbs. and finally be pain free.

““My pain started about 5 years ago--back pain. It was excruciating, it was debilitating. I ended up going to a pain clinic, it seemed like I was going to a pain clinic for years and years, and I kept gaining weight.

Immediately after I took the big step, I thought ‘there’s hope.’ The more I exercised, the more energy I had, and the more energy I had, the more things I did. In the beginning I’d lose one, then gain, lose, then gain--but I still had that energy and stamina.

I went from 4-5 pain pills a day to not taking anything now. I got so excited, then it’s like I woke up one morning and I was just dropping the weight off. I even thought ‘Oh, there’s something wrong with me, because this is too fun and it’s too easy…’

I feel better than I’ve felt in 10 year...They saved my life.”

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