Laurel Adkisson: Member # 3

Laurel's Goal: To find a nutrition program that she can maintain for life.

“Losing weight was good, I needed to, but it was for me more about being about to eat because I love food and I don’t want to be that person at the table who’s eating lettuce all the time with a little spritz of lime juice on it. I want to enjoy my potatoes, and bread and meat. And this was a way that I could do that.

I think the biggest difference for me has to be the energy level. The weight loss was good, but I started sleeping better, I had more energy, I felt better, I wanted to do more just really made a lifestyle change for me, and that’s what I needed.

I call them my TNT family, and they’re not just supportive in my goal to have better nutrition and my goal to be healthier...they care about us, and their clients, like family.”

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