Joe Jacobs: Member # 6

Joe’s Goal: To take the next step toward getting his dream job...landing a position in Evansville, IN!

One of the things we love most about Joe’s story is that he started off coming to us for help with his health, but found a way to turn his life on its head in the process. We couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments!

“I wasn’t really in shape and I knew I needed to do something to improve. My core was very weak, I had a lot of back pain, my posture was terrible...overall, I wasn’t happy with my body. The way it felt. The way it functioned.

Originally it was about fitness, but every time I’m working out they’re asking me, ‘What’s going on in your life?’ And I shared some stuff with them that wasn’t going like I wanted it to in my life. [Tyler] said, “Hey we need to get together, I’d like to mentor you...” and it’s really, really been beneficial.

What we talk about in our meetings--what’s happened to you in your past, your hurts, your hang ups, whatever...that really shapes who you are and kind of creates your values.

Since I’ve started doing that and made some changes in my life, the results just happened immediately. Literally, I’ve been meeting with him for a couple months, I’ve been changing some of my habits, and the next thing I know I’m starting in Evansville, IN in two weeks.

"You start doing the right things and doors open.”

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