Gerard Vandeven: Member # 5

Gerard’s Goal: To lose 50 lbs. and decrease back/shoulder pain.

““About a year ago the back pain started up where, even riding in a car for more than 20-30 minutes, my back pain was so bad that I’d have to get out and stretch or walk around. The pain kept getting worse and worse and it didn’t seem like anything that I was doing as far as taking pain pills was helping it.

For me, it’s being really easy to come 3 days a week and workout. I look forward to it, and my energy level is through the roof...I can’t believe how much better I feel, how much more flexible I am.

Getting below 200 was probably the proudest I’ve been for anything in a long time because I have not seen a weight at that since I was 16 years old...That’s been the most surprising thing to me, is that even at middle-age a person can get themselves in way better shape and way healthier than what they might think they can.”

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