Donny Beasley: Member # 7

Donny’s Goal: To minimize his back pain and improve his golf game.

One of the things we love about Donny’s story is that he came in looking for help with his back pain, but found so many other benefits for his health: Weight loss, improved posture, even a better golf game! The following quotes are just a taste of his awesome journey since starting:

“What first brought me into TNT was I was having back issues. I was working out at home, I wasn’t in really good shape, and I wanted to do something different because I wanted longevity as I got older in life...and I wanted to help my golf game.

It’s made me stronger. It’s made me more flexible. Losing weight has been good. You know, I’m stronger than I used to be so I can hit the golf ball farther and my back doesn’t hurt when I play golf now.

But before I came to TNT I had a lot of seemed like every 6 months I was going to the chiropractor and doing different things because a lot of times I felt like when I bent over my back would go out. And now I realize that it was core strength and a lot of different things that I’ve gained from TNT.

I consider this a ‘quality of life’ issue because if you want to have a good quality of life it all begins with your health. And if you’re not healthy, if you’re not fit, if you’re not active, then it’s going to limit you on what you can do in your later years…”

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