The 7 Steps to Hitting ANY and EVERY Goal
We have a whole team dedicated to ensuring you hit your goal and these are the steps we use in-studio to help our clients each and every day.
So you’ve got a goal in mind, and you think you’re ready to take action...But first, let us ask you this:
How bad do you want it?!
You can have the most detailed plan, the best team, and the greatest tracking systems in the world in place, but none of those things will get you to your goal unless your head is in the game. That means not buying into the excuses your head is selling you.  Because working toward your goal is going to be a daily, conscious decision. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to test you and push you beyond your comfort zone. But if you weren’t ready and willing to make those changes, then you wouldn’t be here on our page, now would you?

Are you ready?  This is it. You’re really going to do this. Now before you start running to the grocery store to stockpile your pantry with healthy options OR locking yourself in to a year-long contract at the local gym, let’s take a second.

Your mindset is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in this whole process. If you aren’t sold on the fact that you can actually hit your goal, then there’s no point in thinking about it any further. But before you start doubting yourself, take a moment and think of the last time you did something outside of your comfort zone. 
Really do this! Don’t just read past it because you’re “crunched” on time!
Got an example in mind? So do we :) 

When we decided to do our first dance video as a team (mostly because our clients were super persistent about it) we were terrified. Our moves began and ended at shuffling our feet back and forth and doing some weird dice rolling move with our hands. Yeah, we were that bad. And trust us, we ran through every excuse in the book trying to get out of doing it--much less recording it for all of Facebook to see! But then we took a second to evaluate the excuses we were spitting and all of them seemed pretty hollow. We were afraid of embarrassing ourselves, afraid of failing, afraid of wasting our time practicing for something we may or may not follow through on.

And you know what? Those fears seemed pretty valid in the moment because that’s just how our brain works. Over time we’ve hardwired it to anticipate every possible negative scenario, making us doubt whether or not change is even a good idea in the first place. 


We did. And so can you! And trust us, you won’t regret it! Now we’re dancing fiends and we’ve all come out of our shells in the most amazing ways. Doing something outside of our comfort changed our lives and that’s why we’re so passionate about helping you do the same, but on a health and fitness level!

For those of you that are curious about what our moves look like, check out this video. See, not great. But was it a blast to make? Definitely!

And since we’re on the topic of overcoming excuses, let’s go through some common ones that we hear from our clients and create solutions out of them…
“It hasn’t worked when I tried it in the past. Why would this time be any different?”

What Your Brain is Telling You:
“You’ve tried this before and failed. Why are you wasting your time attempting it again. What makes this any different than the last program/diet/pill?”

 What It Should be Saying:
“Those things you did in the past were meant to give you short-term results. They weren’t changing your habits to make them a lifestyle. They were quick fixes.”
“This time you can and will make it work. You have no other option. Excuses be damned!”

“It’s too expensive…”

 What Your Brain is Telling You:
“You can’t afford to add this to your bills in addition to everything else. Why tap into your savings?”

 What It Should be Saying:
“I spend $XX a month on eating out. $XX on my phone. $XX on other assorted things that aren’t necessarily needs. I can rearrange my budget a bit in order to make this work because it’s important to me.”

“The amount that I’ll be saving on health insurance, medication, and surgeries in the long-term will more than make up for what I’ll be paying right now.”

“I just don’t have time…” (See also:)
  •  "I’m too busy to put in that much effort right now."
  •  "I’m super behind at work..."
  • The kids’ schedule has me running around town like a crazy person!"

What Your Brain is Telling You:
- “You’ve got so much on your plate already that there’s no way you could possibly add another thing in.”

- “This month wouldn’t be too bad, but next month is pure madness and there’s no use in starting something that you’ll just fall off on in a few weeks.”

- Other assorted negative things that are running through your head at this very moment...

What it Should be Saying:
- “You have a priority problem. If you really wanted to make it work, then you would. If that means catching up on TV as you do cardio, then so be it. If that means asking someone to help bus the kids to practice after school, then that’s what will have to happen. You CAN and WILL make that goal become a reality!”

- “No problem is without a solution and if you’re struggling then you can ALWAYS ask for help. Your schedule is constantly encountering new hiccups, so it’s best to start problem solving at the start.”

If you can’t overcome those excuses, then let’s stop here. Going any further would make absolutely no sense, because the rest of the steps are only useful if you’re ready to TRULY MAKE A CHANGE AND CHASE AFTER YOUR GOAL!

But if you ARE ready to leave those excuses in the past where they belong, let’s move on to the next step...
Despite what every marketing company is selling you, there is no way to lose weight (or achieve any other significant goal for that matter) that is both quick and maintainable.

Hitting your goal and staying there isn’t something that will happen courtesy of a magic pill. It’s going to be tedious. It’s going to take a lot of time. But it WILL be worth it in the long run--we promise you that!

So, being the visual learners that we are, we decided to make a few graphs to show you why our approach toward health and fitness is different from what you hear about on Facebook and TV.

For the sake of easy measurement, let’s use a weight loss goal as an example. Let’s say you want to lose 30 lbs.
There are two main types of programs you’re going to be faced with in order to reach that 30 lb. goal: Results Based Programs and Habit Based Programs.

Like the graph shows, your Results Based Programs are going to promise fast weight loss from the beginning (and they’ll probably deliver on that promise!) But the issue with this type of program is that it isn’t maintainable in the long run. Either it’s too restrictive (as in the case of most fad diets), too expensive (as in the case of most pills and shakes), or it simply shows its true nature as time goes on. The earmark of programs like these is that you have a lot of success at the beginning, but as time goes on you start to gain all that weight back.

Habit Based Programs are the flip side of this. They won’t shoot straight out of the gate with big losses. They’re trying to TEACH you how to make healthy decisions, giving you knowledge that will work miracles for you for years to come. 

 As you can see, the more months that pass, the more the weight loss increases (as will your knowledge of proper nutrition and exercise!) The earmark of this program is that you really won’t find yourself yo-yoing too much. Habit Based Programs are maintainable for life.  

But that’s not the only graph we have for you. Let’s dive a little bit deeper than simply looking at the results. Instead, let’s take a look at how much effort you’ll have to put into each program:

Short Term Results: 
This is what you see with the Results Based Programs we talked about before: Big results on the front-end, but not so easy-to-maintain in the long run. They pull you in by being super simple: All you have to do is take this pill or only eat from this list of foods. Programs like these claim that they’ve figured out this super-complex, secret formula and packaged it in a made-easy form for you, but their problem lies in the fact that they are nothing more than a quick fix.  
Diet Pills: You know, the ones that claim they’ll help you drop weight fast (and they often live up to that claim, don’t get us wrong), but leave you right back at the starting block as soon as you quit them...

Fad Diets: Another popular one that claims they’ve found the perfection combination of foods to get you to your goal. They have you follow a strict regimen, but once again, the moment you’re on your own you realize you can’t maintain that type of diet and ultimately fall back into your old habits.
Say goodbye to those short-term results and start making a lifestyle change that lasts with our 3 Free Sessions!
If you’ve tried some of these in the past, then you know the drill...They’ll leave you frustrated and demotivated once it’s all said and done--doing absolutely nothing to help reverse that negative mindset toward health and fitness that we all seem to be programed with.

No Results:
According to our chart, this category falls under both ‘Simple’ and ‘Little Effort’, which makes sense considering the outcome…

If you’re looking for something simple and you’re not looking to make any changes to what you’re currently doing, then it sounds like you’re comfortable with where you’re at right now--which is good, because you won’t see any long-term results with something that doesn’t force you to put in a little sweat and planning.

Long Term Results:
This category involves a simple strategy and relies on a good amount of effort on your part. It’s what all Habit Based Programs are made of! Is it tedious? Yes. But is it life-changing? Without a doubt.
Now before you start bemoaning the whole “lots of work” thing, keep this in mind: This isn’t a “One Size Fits All” solution like those short-term result programs you’ve dealt with in the past. The best fit will always be tailored to you. And most of that tailoring will come from a good amount of trial and error on your part--testing to see what works with your lifestyle, what doesn’t, and what changes you’ll have to make in order to get to where you want to be.

You are building these habits for the rest of your life. And that means that you’ll have to change the way you think about how you’re currently eating or exercising. That isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But knowledge is power, and we want to give you the knowledge you NEED TO SUCCEED so you’re not stuck on relying on those quick fixes forever.
Roberta is a fantastic example of trial and error until you find what works for you.  Check out her story above!
Pro Athlete:  
Let’s be real, most of us won’t have to worry about this category...unless you suddenly have a strong desire to become one of the best athletes in the world (in which case, go get ‘em! We’ve got your back on that too!)  

People who fall in this range have programs with infinitely more facets than the average person needs. Their nutrition and exercise plans will be highly complex in order to fit their athletic goals and they’ll have to be incredibly precise in meeting those plans if they want to find success. Tedious and complex--definitely not something most of us would love to hear, but for the pro athlete, that’s what is needed in order to get to the top. And like we said earlier, if you have the desire and drive to do it, then there’s no stopping you!

Now, all of you looking for Long-Term Results, let’s continue on to the next step…
If I were to hold up a picture of a person at the gym and asked you to rank that activity on a scale of 1 to 10 based on its importance to you right at this moment, how would you answer?

What if I held up a picture of a family sitting down to eat a healthy meal? 

How you rank each picture plays a huge role in your future success with your goal because it shows where your loyalties lie when it comes to your lifestyle.

And those long-term results we’ve been talking about? Well, they rely on you making those healthy habits a part of your everyday life.
Lifestyle can be broken down into two categories: Needs and Wants.

Needs are the things that you have a strong desire to do--and sometimes they’re the things that you have to do in order to maintain your quality of life. Basically, they’re the chores that you can’t just pass on and let “wait until tomorrow.” 

Wants, to be honest, just don’t rank as high in importance. They’re more of a flimsy desire that you can push off if need be, and they don’t leave a lot of negative consequences if they don’t get done. (For examples of both, check out the picture above if you haven’t already!)

One of the keys to your success is determining how serious you truly are about your health and fitness. Is hitting your goal something that you NEED to do or is it something that you simply WANT? Until your goal becomes a non-negotiable need, then there’s no use pursuing it.

Now you’re probably wondering, “How do I manage those wants and needs once I have them figured out?” Well, Step 4 has your answer to that: By making them a set-in-stone part of your daily routine.
Can we be honest with you?  

Your chances of setting up an effective plan of action on your own aren’t too hot.

Why do I say that? Because every single day we hear people tell us about their past attempts at fitness and it always goes something like this: “I’m going to get on the treadmill more and start eating salads everyday for lunch. That’ll do the trick.”
After a week (if that) of sporadic cardio and light salads, they step on the scale only to be disappointed by the little to no change it shows. And that disappointment stems from 2 main problems with their plan:

1) They didn’t set up a measure of success.

2) They didn’t set up a solid plan of action that will ensure they reach that measure of success. 

Okay, I know that probably sounds like a bit of mumbo jumbo, so let me break down those two points for you.
Setting up a measure of success simply means that you manage your expectations when it comes to your results. Is what you consider a bad result realistic or are you holding on to the dream of that unmaintable 5 lb. weight loss each week? On the flip side, does a “good” result in your eyes have the earmarks of a safe program:
  •  Does it encourage a 1-2 lb weight loss each week? 
  •  Does it include eating healthier foods in moderation
  •  Does it specify certain days for cardio and certain days for strength training--including the amount of needed time for each?
If you aren’t sure of those answers, then not to worry, we’ll be covering all of that in the section!
But back to measure of success...the point of it is to see if your plan is actually working. Keep in mind though, you can’t accurately measure your success if what you’re tracking isn’t realistic. 

The KEY is to set a realistic measure of success and combine it with the exact step-by-step actions needed to help you achieve it.

Having the right action steps in place (*cough* all of the things we covered two paragraphs up when talking about safe and effective fitness programs *cough*) will help you stay motivated because you’ll be accomplishing small micro goals throughout the week. Consider them the fitness equivalent of putting a slash through something on your to-do list once you’ve completed it. It feels good to mark things off, doesn’t it? Well, that’s super similar to how achieving these micro goals makes you feel. 

Now, let’s take everything we’ve talked about so far--all these habits and needs and wants--and get them in order so you can start putting them into practice!
You know you’re going to combat your excuses. AND you know you’re aiming for a program that has staying power. Now it’s time to figure out the type of system that is going to work best for you!

Like we said in Step 2, a “one size fits all” program just won’t do. We’re all special snowflakes, so to speak, and that means that a system that works for your friend, relative, or co-worker may not work for you. You need something unique that fits with your personal lifestyle.  

There are, however, some fundamental pillars that everyone must have in order to be successful.  The pillars of a successful action plan are:
  •  Tracking your nutritional choices (this means logging your food--the good, the bad, and the ugly--either on your phone or by hand EACH DAY!)
  •  Resistance training exercises (Like what we do in-studio here at TNT!)
  •  Cardiovascular exercise
  •  Water intake 
These pillars each need to be personalized to you. So take a second and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the exact numbers your body needs from a nutritional standpoint? You’ll need answers for all of the following:
  •                      Caloric Needs
  •                      Protein Intake
  •                      Carbohydrate Intake 
  •                      Fat Intake
  •                      Sodium Intake
  •  How often should you do resistance training and what specific exercises?
  •  How often and how intense should you be doing cardiovascular exercise ?
  •  How much water should you be drinking each day?
The first task when it comes to personalizing your system is to determine the exact actions you must accomplish each day. How are you going to fit each of the points we just covered into your day or week without fail?  

This is where we come in! We do all of the work for you: Creating workouts, establishing cardio guidelines, helping you figure out all of those nutritional numbers, and sitting down with you on a weekly basis to help you learn how to set up your meals so you hit those nutrient goals. Actually, we do all of that and so much more! Of course, if you’re more of a “do it yourself-er, then you can look to one of the many resources, tools, and other sources of information available online as well.
Your next task is to think about what your likes and dislikes are when it comes to nutrition and fitness. 

Are you content with time spent on the elliptical alone or is a dance class more your speed? Would you rather try new healthy recipes or find ways to give your normal meals a healthy twist? If you are forcing yourself on something you dislike, then you will find any reason to not do it and sabotage yourself. 

You HAVE to do things and eat things that you find enjoyable so you’ll be able to make them into long-term life habits.
Curious about our nutrition program? Laurel can tell you all about how she mastered it!
Lastly, what does your current lifestyle look like and how do these actions fit into it? 
The way you have life scheduled out right now, it may seem like it will be really difficult to find the time to give each one of these steps your all, but if this is really important to you and you’re really serious about making your health a priority, then you will MAKE time rather than FIND time. 

You see, it’s all about establishing triggers--AKA taking these built in habits you already have and adjusting them to fit your new needs. Not establishing a trigger is one of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a program. So instead of trying to force completely new habits on yourself, simply tweak the ones you already have in place to make them more beneficial!
You may even have to trim down on the time you spend on your wants each day to ensure that you have time for these new action steps. I know that doesn’t sound too tempting right now, but we promise that you won’t regret it once you start seeing your goal come within reach.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to ensure your new action steps turn into habits is by lining them up with current habits you already have. For example, a common habit most of us have is to wake up and go take a shower as soon as the alarm goes off. But how would your morning change if you set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and got a 30 minute cardio workout done before you took your shower? 
Are you ready to start turning your action steps into habits?  Stop in for 3 Free Sessions so we can help you put your game plan into order!
Even slightly changing your routine for getting off of work has the potential to be a game changer for you. Instead of driving straight home, head to the gym and get your workout in so you can avoid the temptation to skip it completely. Because we all know what happens the moment we walk through the front door of our house. We get bombarded with a million other things we need to do and every well-meant intention to work out falls to the wayside.

Once you’ve your game plan set up for creating these new, healthy habits, it’s time to get your head in the right space...
80% of achieving your goal is solely reliant on your mindset. Your headspace is so key to your success. If you are telling yourself that this time will be no different from the last, then guess what? It won’t be.  

With each new obstacle you face, you have to look your excuses in the eye and say “Not today.”

According to basic math, if you keep 80% of your energy and positivity focused on your goal, then the 20% leftover belongs solely to the notion of taking action. And taking action becomes a no-brainer once you have that mindset ready to go.
In all honesty, it’s not rocket science to achieve your goal. It’s actually pretty simple and chances are you already know what you should be doing in order to see results. But it’s a tedious process and it takes a lot of hard work and determination. 

You have to work toward your goal day in and day out. And you have to trust that you are completely and totally capable of reaching that goal...because you are!  

Will it be easy? No, no it won’t. But nothing worth having ever is.
Step 7 (AKA the last step) is all about taking that leap outside of your comfort zone!  

That means using the information we’ve given you and putting it to action on your own OR coming in for 3 Free Sessions so we can put it all together with you!

No matter what you decide, it’s time to jump in!

You owe it to yourself to give this goal all you’ve got. Don’t spend another day...or month...or year...wishing you would’ve gone for it. TODAY IS YOUR DAY!  

Don’t let your excuses hold you back any longer from being the healthy, fun-loving person you used to (or want) to be!
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