One Percent Change Fitness Assessment

Is a strength and flexibility assessment.  We will assess the range of motion and strength of all the major muscle groups in the body.  This will give us all the necessary data to identify what your potential risk for injuries may be and help us create a program where you no longer have to waste your time and energy on unnecessary exercises or potentially harmful. Are you ready to cut your workout schedule in half and double your results.

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One Percent Change Fitness Assessment

Not only does our One Percent Change help us determine any possible injuries that may set you back on your way to your goals, but it also helps us figure out what muscle groups we will need to focus on more as we create your workouts.  Just another way we work to tailor your program entirely to you.

Our Promise To You

TNT Health & Fitness is the most efficient way to successfully lose your weight loss target and feel confident in your body again by providing a comprehensive program of 30 minute workouts, individualized nutrition, and accountability in a supportive positive environment.