Express Stretching

With our Express Stretch you will be moved through a full range of motion by your trainer. Our trainer will be communicating with you about the intensity you are experiencing during the stretch, all the while working to prevent injury, decrease lower back and knee pain, and improve overall functional movement.

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Express Stretching

Are you tired of all the aches and pain that only seems to get worse as the years pass by?  Maybe you have that annoying tension in your lower back or your muscles just don’t move like they used to.  If you sit behind a desk all day at work or never have the time to get active, then you can tell that every day those muscles are getting tighter.

Our Express Stretches relieve that tension and improve the range of motion in those muscles.  Just increasing your flexibility can relieve that lower back pain.

Most people struggle to understand how to stretch each muscle effectively and don't know how deep they should be stretching.  We take the guess work out for you and guide your body through the correct range of motion for your body to see the maximum improvement in your flexibility.

Our Promise To You

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