Celebrating Your Success

A lot has changed for me in the last year and a half health-wise:

  1. I can now run up a flight of stairs without having to try and mask how hard I’m breathing once I reach the top. I swear, the first 3 minutes of every class in college was spent shallow breathing so that the people in the desks around me wouldn’t hear just how out of shape I was.
  1. I can do 2 unassisted pull ups—and hopefully within the next couple of months I’ll be able to bump that number up to 5.
  1. My digestive system is functioning far and away better than it has in the last 10 years. Only having excruciating flare ups 4x a year is like a vacation compared to the weekly hell I used to go through.
  1. I can wear bikini bottoms in public without feeling awkward. I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t wear those little spandex shorts instead of the normal bottoms, but at some point in the last year or so I’ve shut off that nagging, negative voice that tells me to cover up my thighs.  Good riddance to that.


Most importantly, I feel more confident overall.  Not just physically, but in my ability to do almost any activity.

Swim a mile? Totally.  Help a friend move their marble slab of an entertainment center? Not a problem.  Open a can of tomato sauce on my own? Watch me do my thing.

The things I once had to ask for help with are now easy check-offs on my to-do list.

But when did I first take stock and notice all of these little victories?

Approximately two hours ago.

It’s taken me a total of 18 months to sit down and write out a small list of the things I’m proud to have accomplished since starting this health and fitness adventure.

It’s taken 18 months to stop focusing on all of the things I’ve yet to do, and instead focus on the strides I’ve made.

And I guarantee you’re doing the same thing.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the journey right now.  Think back to how you felt that first day.  Remember where you started?

How has that changed since?  Are there exercises you couldn’t even attempt before that you’re knocking out of the park now?  Can you walk for double the time you used to without feeling fatigue?  Does that once snug shirt feel a little looser now?

You’ve probably noticed at least one—or maybe all—of these things, and never really took the time to celebrate them.

But that’s such an important part of the process that we all miss out on!

Over time, adulthood has trained us to think in terms of what’s left to accomplish.  In every single area of life, we’ve become laser focused on making sure we’re constantly planning ahead, always looking forward and prepping accordingly.

And once we finally get a little success, we give ourselves exactly one second of joy and then it’s back to the grind.  It’s kind of a disservice to ourselves.

You’ve worked hard to achieve what you have.  You didn’t just stumble upon it.

That’s why you should reward yourself for a job well done—whether you’re halfway to whatever goal you’re working toward or if you’re fresh out of the gate—because celebrating those hard fought battles keeps you in the right headspace to guarantee even more success.

Now, the way you choose to celebrate is totally up to you.

My personal favorite is by booking myself a nice massage.  Some of our clients celebrate milestones by buying new shoes or clothes.  Others take a personal day for some hard-earned “me time.”

As long as it’s something that brings you joy, that’s all that matters!

So here’s to celebrating how far we’ve come so far and to anticipating even more success in the future!


Kelly Crites

Admin for our Cape studio and the face behind our blogs, Kelly is a year into her new, healthier lifestyle and ready to share the tips and tricks she learns along the way. Current Goal: Making it through an entire Tough Mudder.

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