We Have the Comprehensive Program and Positive, Supportive Environment That is Guaranteed to Get You to Your Goal.

TNT Health & Fitness is not your ordinary gym or fitness club. We are a studio with a team that is motivated and driven to achieve the purpose we have set out to do: "To make the world a happier and more positive place." We are able to achieve this through exercise and nutrition, helping and guiding you to your goal.

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What’s Different About TNT Health & Fitness?

TNT’s Formula To Your Success

Why TNT Health & Fitness?

At TNT Health & Fitness you will never feel out of place.  Your success depends upon constant and open communication and that is what we do best.  We want you to feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door, always greeting you by name and taking the time to catch up on your day-to-day life.    Unlike the typical gym—which gives you all the tools, but no directions—our team has a step-by-step process in place that will ensure you reach your goals.  Your first week is focused solely on getting the assessments and numbers we need in order to tailor your program entirely to you.  You’re a unique person.  Why wouldn’t you have a unique workout program?

Real People. Real Results.

Our Promise to You

We will provide you with the most efficient way to successfully lose your target weight loss and feel confident in your body again through our comprehensive program of 30 minute workouts, individualized nutrition, and accountability in a supportive positive environment.